eToro Monthly Report: November 2017 – Preparing for Santa Rally and Changes in $NATGAS

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Here’s my monthly report on eToro profits in November. That’s another good month, with +2,10% in profits, 11th out of 12th profitable month this year, and as usual achieved with a very low risk of 3/10. Here are October highlights from my eToro trades:

Chinese didn’t disappoint as usual!

china index trading stocks

One of my favorite index to trade is $CHINA50 which consists of 50 biggest Chinese companies listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange. It’s very safe investment, because these stocks are state-owned and therefore backed up by Chinese government and are among biggest companies in the world like China Mobile (493,000 employees, can you imagine it? McDonald’s is only 375,000). I perfectly timed buying and closing this positions which gave me 14,41% and 25% in just 3 weeks. As usual, there were also nice profits on various us stocks like BABA, MA, BAC and JPM and also my favorite ETFs. Almost all went as expected – maybe except AMD, but I believe this one soon will fly and recover losses!

Natural Gas trades

There was one, quite important change on eToro in November, that is change in fee structure for one of my favorite instruments: Natural Gas. There are no short position refunds anymore, but in return long fees were nulled too. Previously, trading $NATGAS felt almost like ‘easy mode investing’ with huge refunds amounting to 30% yearly gains, but you shouldn’t fret on recent changes: actually it gives a lot more opportunities, because it’s finally viable to long it – previously buy fees where too big to sensibly trade it outside daytrading, so we can now  trade all year long! I already took some steps and bought $NATGAS contracts and while it didn’t fly as intended at the start of December, it’s inevitable that later in the month we’ll have some very nice gains due to usual winter raises in price.

So what’s in next month?

December is a month of Santa Claus Rally, which is run for stocks at the end of the year. Given very good developments of worldwide economies and slew of upbeat reports from markets in US, Japan, Europe and China we can assume that current month will be very profitable for stock investors. I am planning to buy more stocks and also natural gas with possibly higher x5 leverage to take opportunity from this yearly stock market event. I’m sure Santa will be generous for us investors! 💰 End of the year is actually coming very fast, so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and have a nice profits y’all! 📈

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