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etoro copy maciej wlodarczak

Hello, my name is Maciej Włodarczak, I’m Etoro Popular Investor and you are most likely here because you want to copy me on eToro, finest online broker which describes itself as “social investment network”. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Minimum copy amount and risk management: whatever you want to allocate for this investment. My typical return is 20-30% yearly, with low risk score of 3, so you can get about that much. If you however want to get the best results, I suggest copying me with at least $500 – this ensures that most of the positions opened will be copied to your account as well. Because I make low risk (but lucrative) investments only, I’ve managed to get 10-months winning streak, with no month in red – which also unique on eToro. This way you can be sure, that your money won’t evaporate in one day, because you copied some guy that invested all of his money with x5 leverage Ethereum that dropped 20%. (true story – that’s why eToro limited leverage on ETH). The slower you drive, the safer your investment journey will be.
  • Copy open trades: I invest long term, so you can copy all open trades for optimal results.
  • I invest in diversified portfolio of instruments. This is additional safety valve lowering risk and preventing from sudden drops. Investing in a few stocks alone isn’t enough, because stocks tend to fall at the same time, with all the indices. That’s why I’m buying (or selling) commodities, ETFs and stocks at the same time, so when one category is vulnerable to dip, another should compensate loss.
  • I always use x1 leverage on stocks, x2 – x5 on other instruments, because it’s most beneficial way to open trades on eToro, because of fees structure. I might wrote some article about it someday with calculations. I recommend everyone the same.
  • I regularly add posts about stocks and commodities to my eToro feed. It’s interesting read, seriously 🙂 Check it regularly and add me watchlist if you want to be updated. I also answer most questions there (and here, on this blog). Judging from my succes rate, I’m about 75% right – so you will most likely get proper answer!
  • I don’t invest in fake Internet coins, unless I’m selling.

So is now good time to buy some shares and earn from financial markets? You bet! Global economy is now in best shape in history, so there’s not a better time do it. So copy me for profits and have fun investing!