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popular investor maciej włodarczak

Me on the left!

I’m trading various financial instruments for 10 years now, but about a year I signed up to this interesting broker, tempted by a wide array of CFDs for American stocks that I could invest with low fees. Other brokers held unsatisfactory offer in this regard – either too limited or too costly, with spreads eating most profits. I trade mostly in US stocks, but as it turned out, eToro is much more than just another broker, but more of a “social trading” service, like Facebook for investors where you can copy others, exchange insider info (well, not really, it’s illegal 🙂 ) or argue using indiscriminate words about impact of Brexit on GBP, Trumps incompetence in destroying USD value (unfortunately Americans aren’t allowed on eToro) or current state of Ethereum. It’s really cool place with lively atmosphere – though 90% discussion is now about cryptos and I would like to see more opinions on commodities, stocks and currencies.

Fast forward, one year later, thanks to steady earnings and low risk level of 2-3 I became “Popular Investor” chosen by eToro’s editors. It’s quite an award, because there are only few guys chosen out of 6 millions users. I’ve always know how cool investor I am, but this pick only proves that I’m indeed Stock Emperor, y’know!

Here’s what they wrote about me:

etoro maciej włodarczak

Do you want to join eToro too, but are not sure about it: do it. You can create demo account for free and see its functionalities for yourself – you won’t be disappointed. And if you are already on eToro, you might want to copy me: read this page about my investments. So what’s next for me? Well, more low-risk and steady profits – there’s not much more in investment: buy low and sell high. See you on eToro!

I provide advisory, consulting, SEO services, financial content and marketing stunts for the industry. Among my clients are banks, brokers, crypto and fintech entities, encompasing Fortune 500 companies. I held various managerial positions, including CCO.

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