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eToro just a few months ago introduced new stocks category from Swiss SIX exchange, located in Zurich. These shares aren’t popular yet, so I’ve decided to pick some of the best performers that I am buying too and share it with you. There are currently only 19 SIX assets to trade on eToro, but I believe this list will be expanded soon, because new stocks are added regularly.

Switzerland is a country of good chocolate, yodelling, expensive watches and of course – rich banks, so all assets included belong to financial or luxury goods companies. It’s worth mentioning that SIX was the first stock exchange in the world to incorporate a fully automated trading, clearing and settlement system in 1995. Total market cap is 1,148 bln CHF or about 1,2 bln USD and there are thousands of companies publicly traded: besides London and Frankfurt, this is most important European exchange. Investing in stocks from Switzerland is a good enterprise, because they provide steady and firm earnings, so I advise buying it especially if you count on low-risk profits. Here are my top 4 stocks from Switzerland available on eToro.

4. Syngenta AG – $synn.zu


  • Syngenta is a global Swiss agribusiness that produces agrochemicals and seeds and also conducts genomic research. Its profile (and earnings) is similar to better known Monsanto.  You can’t go wrong with GMO food!
  • They are currently under acquisition by state-controlled ChemChina. This is the largest ever foreign purchase by a Chinese firm, that amounts to $44 billion. It’s nearing completion (just more few anti-trust organization are needed), so when it will be completed you can expect stock prices skyrocketing (maybe early 2018?),
  • Even without counting on acquisition, they have good ytd return of 11,12%, so you can expect steady rise in price.

So I suggest buying it with x1 leverage and holding long term for profit from this Swiss Giant. GMO Food + “global corporation” + Chinese acquisition = anti-globalists would hate you!

swiss re

3. Swiss Re AG – $sren.zu

Swiss Re is good investment and I’m buying it now. Here’s why you can buy it too:

  • It is the world’s second-largest reinsurer, with 14 000 employees and $43 bln in revenue  – a huge company. They are also growing constantly, and added + $7 bln since 2013. Insurance companies have no problem in finding new customers, so next years will be as good as previous for this global stock. They operate in 25 countries and not including subsidiaries (mostly in Europe), so there’s a big chance that they sell insurance in your country too!
  • Swiss stock market is considered now as a safe haven again, so SIX Swiss indices are constantly increasing. While current 3,7% 1-year return might seem not that much, this is a dividend company and in addition they paid 5,74% in dividends which adds to profit.

So buy it now (I am suggesting x1  leverage), and you can hold it for several months for very stable profits.

zurich insurance stocks

 2. Zurich Insurance Group Ltd – $zurn.zu

  • This is Switzerland’s largest insurer that sits on a billion of dollars (holds $382 billion in assets), and is classified as 78 largest public company, and that got immense revenue of $67,24 billion, so have powerful fundamentals, has offices around the world and 54 000 employees. This Swiss juggernaut is one of the largest insurance company in the world.
  • Zurich Insurance Group shares had 33,31% 1yr return and it grows. There’s always need for insurance services, so 2017 and next year will be as excellent as well.
  • They also pay good dividends (5,93% last year), so that is another reason to buy it on eToro.

So buy it now with x1 leverage and profit from Swiss financial sector!

richemont investing

1. Compagnie Financiere Richemont SA – $cfr.zu

  • Richemont is second-largest luxury goods company in the world, owning brands for (mostly) filthy rich people. This company owns about 30 luxury brands like Vacheron Constantin watches (prices starting from $25 000 and ending for more than $1 mln), Purdey guns (dubbed as most expensive guns in the world, made for spoiled hunters – shotguns priced at £100 k), MontBlanc pens (several thousand dollars per pen) and so on.
  • Demand for luxury goods grows worldwide, and there is growing number of millionaires (and billionaires) in every country, so lifestyle determined by this sings of status is becoming pervasive. People are searching for new ways to show their wealth, so they love to buy expensive stuff.
  • This is reflected in total 1 year return of 51,87% in and it’s on track to even better performance in the future.

So I recommend it for those who want to invest in Swiss company that manufactures rich people toys’ and sells it with huge margin. Go x1 and reap possibly >50% yearly profits.

Do you have other favorites companies from Switzerland? Let me know in comments!

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