5 best healthcare stocks for 2017 and beyond

America and Europe are aging – people want to have fun and do not rush them to make babies. In Japan, sales of diapers for seniors just exceeded the number of baby diapers sold each year. The result is an increasing number of old people who need and will need health care. This is why so many earn in recent years, companies associated with the sector of health and medicine, that develop new drugs, creating new therapies and building hospitals. There is no turning back from the aging of the highly developed societies. For investors, purchase of healthcare stocks is a great opportunity to earn money on old people. I have selected a list of top performers, that will allow you to profit from healthcare industry.

pfizer stock5. Pfizer Inc. (PFE)

The pharmaceutical giant is best known for the production of Viagra, a drug that has helped millions of women to achieve satisfaction. You’ll also be satisfied if you buy shares of Pfizer. The company is regarded as the company’s dividend, which is 4 times a year pays a high dividend, which very pleased investors, especially those who save in the long term. Excellent company to hold for many years in the portfolio, such as saving for retirement, but not necessarily – profits can be achieved earlier.

Share price increase in last 12 months: +5,73%

quest stock dgx4. Quest Diagnostics Inc. (DGX)

Quest is a laboratory-testing company, manufacturing various test for life insurers, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. And there is something big going on for Quest – company developed first and currently only US approved Zika virus test. If this new mosquito born disease spread from South America to United States and Europe, there would be great demand for their services, and price can soar even 10-20% in single session. That would be of course a terrible thing for worldwide, but shareholders will profit from it immensely. It might be good to buy this one in your portfolio just before Rio Olympics. But even without Zika spread, DGX should give you good and steady profits.

Share price increase in last 12 months: + 8,52%

medtronic stock

3. Medtronic plc (MDT)

This company can literally save your life, because it manufactures and develops pacemakers, defibrillators, heart valves, so you can say that it is „ethical” investment, definitely more worthwile than another “media” or “Internet” company. It’s one of the largest producer of cardiac hardware worldwide. It recently moved its headquarters to Ireland to avoid taxes and won case against US IRS. There is high demand for their products  as average age median is higher than ever, and unfortunately people in US and Europe are often obese, which leads to heart diseases. This guarantees that, with smart management, MDT will have endless stream of customers.

Share price increase in last 12 months: +12,96%

tmo stock

2. Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. (TMO)

These guys do a super advanced science. The company is the world’s largest manufacturer of testing and genetic equipment, designed for laboratory, clinical, agricultural. TMO customers are hospitals and laboratories worldwide. Strong demand, and with them the company’s profits take also from the fact that now arises a lot of start-ups not from the Internet sector, but that biotechnology, and these companies buy laboratory equipment. Currently, it takes also a lot of interest very promising and groundbreaking stem cell research and Thermo Fisher Scientific sells advanced instruments for these studies. This gives even better growth prospects in the coming years.

Share price increase in last 12 months: +19,67%

becton dickinson stock1. Becton, Dickinson and Company (BDX)

This is one of the best-managed companies in the statement, which achieved phenomenal gains over the last year and does not seem to slow down. It is a manufacturer of medical equipment and pharmaceutical reagents used in the manufacture and testing of drugs. He specializes in the treatment of chronic diseases such as diabetes. And let’s be clear – that you could very well earn, because these patients need these drugs for a lifetime. The company employs 50,000 people and has continued to develop the new foreign markets.

Share price increase in last 12 months: +20,54%


The healthcare sector is one of the most promising industry and it has a lot of opportunities to earn nice profits. It is not known whether in the future we will need much oil, or whether we drove cars with combustion engines. It is also not clear what will be the demand for steel and even gold. But one thing is for sure – people will grow older, and with it will be selling more and more drugs, which earn pharmaceutical companies and biomedical research. And with them you can earn and you are buying shares in the best-managed companies.

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