Legal marijuana better investment than Facebook or Google

Sales of legal marijuana and investment in the “herbal sector” were so good in 2016 in the USA that its growth beat most of DotCom companies including Google and Facebook, providing total $9 billion in revenues.

Marijuana sales went up by 30 percent in 2016

Marijuana business started to grow in 2016 after the legalization of “recreational drugs” in most States. Sales went up by +30% compared to the previous year and with total value of $9 billion has become a powerful branch of the economy, providing income to businesses, taxes to pay, but also creating many new jobs in whole sector. In comparison, Facebook stock price went up by +14% in 2016 and Google +5,5%. Currently, there are few thousand cannabis companies and more than 100 of were registered on New York Stock Exchange. Many of them are even multi-million dollar startups, trusted by investors who put their money in hope of earning a lot from this boom.

marijuana business dotcom

Marijuana store in Washington

These companies deal with not only the production of this soft drug, but also in many other related activities. You will find marijuana marketing companies real estate for the cultivation of marijuana, and even clothing and tools for the cultivation of the weed. Here are some of the companies registered on the NYSE:

Canavest Corp. ($ CANVA) – marijuana cosmetics,

Cabinet Grow ($ CBNT) – equipment for home cultivation of marijuana,

Cyber ​​Kiosk Solutions Inc. ($ CYBK) – this company researches methods of verifying the age of the buyer, which in future would allow the sale of marijuana in vending machines,

Healthnostics Inc. ($ HNSS) – online portals with information of beneficial properties of cannabis,

Zoned Properties Inc. ($ ZDPY) – Investment and construction of marijuana warehouses and packaging and processing facilities,


marijuana jobs

Job advertisements in the marijuana sector  – from the “Trimmer”, “Budtender”, to the driver, logistics coordinator and computer graphic designer. Industry has already generated thousands of new jobs in the US, which is great news.

Cannabis business growth does not slow down  so you can expect that the market will grow by at least the same amount in 2017. Outside US new countries are opening too on legal cannabis – recreational or medicine. I suggest investing in those stocks with a leverage and hold it to the end of the year. Your earnings should grow just easily as a cannabis grow in a hot cabinet.

Remember: don‘t smoke and invest (at the same time)!

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