Disney is seeking counter-terrorism intern

The intern is to prevent the terrorists attacks in the Mickey Mouse park. Must know Microsoft Office and the latest terrorist threats. I think that currently, it’s not that rare set of skills. In the face of current situation in America, the company decided to create the position, which goal is explained as follows:

“Global Intelligence and Threat Analysis Dept. provides strategic intelligence, threat assessment, vulnerability mitigation which include terrorism, the physical threat of cyber-attacks, and reputational risk for TWDC, its branches, guests and employees.”

And what are the requirements of this job? Not really challenging:

  • Effective use of MS Office products,
  • Superior writing and research skills, ability to find information on the Internet,
  • Knowledge and interest in international affairs,
  • Must be a Team Player who places team above individual achievements,
  • International travel experience,
  • Second language capabilities,
  • Ability to think critically and work independently (I believe that this a thing which many current graduates are lacking)
  • Willingness to respond 24/7 in the event of a crisis (like terror attack?)
  • Bachelor’s degree in political science, international relations, national security, etc.

Possible attack on the Mickey Mouse park would lead to billions of dollars in losses and Disneylands worldwide would lose thousands of visitors. That is why company want to invest in employees who can predict such threats.

Announcement disappeared already from Walt Disney website, perhaps after interest from press, or maybe because the perfect candidate has already been found. It is not difficult to imagine that there was a lot of applicants for this position. I saved however a copy of the original ad from the Google archives (remember – Google does not forget!), and you can read full text of this job ad below:

walt disney counterterrorism job

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