eToro Monthly Report: July 2017 – NATGAS Bonanza

etoro natural gas report

Here’s my monthly report on eToro activity in July. July was another great month, with +2,5% profits, which is 9th consecutive month on green, and with traditional low risk of 3. Here are some July highlights from my eToro account:

Natural Gas Bonanza

NATGAS is my favorite instrument and I always hold some SELL positions, to earn on oversupply on the market and moderate US temperatures in July. There are many factors that I’ve taken into account by opening Natural Gas positions: EIA reports, technicals, events, weather forecasts, so I won’t be repeating myself, because you could learn all of that from my feed. In the same vein I invested also in $OIL, with profits too. Just take a look at this results, isn’t this cool?

natural gas

Ethereum losses

I lost some money, though not much, because I’ve opened a very small SELL positions on $ETH and had bad luck of getting as much as 30% day losses per day. Not a problem though, because that was just a small amounts, which reduced total profits by maybe -0,2% – 0,3%.

US Stocks, indices and ETFs for easy profits

I’ve made many trades with US and European stocks, which added to overall positive result. I’ve bought CHINA50, MSFT, IAEX.L, IDEM.L and many more, which will be held at least until end of the year. There is general bullish trend worldwide, so it’s worth to buy some good performers and hold it for long time.

Trending investor – that’s me!

I’ve also landed in “Trending investor” section of Popular Investors, which gave me more than 60 copiers. Nice – but it’s not over, and I might have some surprise next month!

Interested in mirroring my investment? Just open account on eToro and copy me.

Monthly results:

Profits: +2.5%

Risk score: 3/10

Max risk: 6/10

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