The Uncomfortable Future of Ethereum in 1 Chart

Well, actually it’s 2 charts. Do you want to invest in this new virtual online coin called Ethereum? Then first look at the chart below: the upper graph shows typical decline of trendy stock that turned out to be an empty shell of unprofitable promises, but everyone bought it because they thought it’s cool “new paradigm” (upper chart wasn’t made by me – author is unknown, but it indeed fits typical). Then look at the todays Ethereum chart – it looks frightfully similar and it doesn’t bode well for ETH, because it‘s following the same exact pattern.

uncomfortable truth about decline of ethereumWe’ve been there before, many times. And crash of virtual unregulated Internet coin can only be more painful than dot com boom, because there are no market regulation whatsoever, SEC won’t acknowledge online coins as a real financial instrument, and you can’t trade Ethereum outside virtual “exchanges” with funny names like GDAX or Kraken that have no financial permits, operate in grey area and won’t guarantee that your money won’t mysteriously evaporate overnight like in case of infamous Mt.Gox.

So if you have any Internet coins in your virtual “wallet” I suggest realize profit or losses and liquidate it. There’s a huge crash coming and there won’t be any “moon” – only tears.

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